Your Map of Ayr

Last summer, we brought along our giant map of Ayr North to Picnic in the Park put on by our friends at Wallacetown Action Group. The goal was for people to explore where they go for different occasions and what their own 'maps' look like.

Some of the questions asked were: Where would you celebrate or go to eat and drink? Do you work nearby? Where do people exercise? Where does learning take you? What does socialising look like? Does your free time take them new places?

We wanted to record the landscape of the places we go and the things we do to stay happy and healthy now to inform what our lives might look like as we grow older.

Taking a tour of notable locations for each of the people we spoke to, it became apparent that we all lead unique lives and different places are important for different people. For some of us it’s venturing outside our local area for the things we need. Travelling to Prestwick to socialise, to Glasgow for the cinema and to Kilwinning to learn were some of the journeys we make regularly.

We want to think about the ways in which we might continue to do these activities as we age. Where mobility might make travelling more difficult, how can we bring these closer to home? Could you start a group locally to stay involved with your hobbies and interests?